Cmab Global Flavors Final

The Competition

On Nov. 9, 2022, six prominent chefs specializing in Italian cuisine competed in the Global Flavors Culinary Competition at the CIA at Copia in Napa, Calif.

The Format

Each chef developed an original recipe in two categories:
Il Classico and Il Fresco.

  • The elected chefs utilized Real California dairy products as central ingredients when crafting their recipes in each category.
  • The chefs will craft and present their dishes side-by-side in each category.
  • A panel of professional judges will conduct their evaluations in front of the chefs, scoring each recipe based on established criteria and selecting a winner and runner-up at the end of each category.
Il Classico

Il Classico

Few cuisines can offer the variety of traditional, beloved dishes quite like Italian food. Signature entrées such as pasta, ravioli, lasagna, and risotto have earned the distinction as “classics” from years of headlining menus at foodservice establishments across the globe. The common link between these favorite fares? Cheese. The “Il Classico” category will challenge chefs to showcase Italian-style cheeses made from Real California Milk in an original interpretation of what a “classic” Italian entrée should be.

Global Competiton Italian

Il Fresco

Why is Italian food synonymous with innovation? For centuries, Italian-style cheeses have provided chefs with the depth of flavor, unique texture, and signature quality to develop fresh, original recipes that fuel the continuous evolution of Italian cuisine. Embracing bold interpretations and new takes are central to innovation. The “Il Fresco” category demands that chefs deliver an original appetizer or dessert, driven by Italian-style cheese made from Real California Milk, that provides a fresh vision and innovative twist on the future of Italian cuisine.

California Dairy 2go Choosing Finalists

The Judging Criteria

  • Emphasis on California cheese and dairy

  • Commercial viability of the dish

  • Recipe innovation and creativity

  • Overall flavor profile and texture

  • Presentation

Meet the judges

Hyde Park, 
Director - Client Engagement, Culinary Institute of America (CIA)
Judge Kamen Headshot

Chef David Kamen is the current Director of Client Engagement for CIA Consulting at The Culinary Institute of America.

Corporate Executive Chef – Sr. Director of Culinary Development, Sysco
Judge Doherty Web

Chef Neil Doherty is a Corporate Executive Chef and has served as Sr. Director of Culinary Development at Sysco since 2011.

Executive Chef, East Lake Golf Club, and President of the American Culinary Federation, Atlanta Chefs Association
Judge Barrington Web

Chef Nicholas Barrington is the Executive Chef at the prestigious East Lake Golf Club and active President of the American Culinary Federation, Atlanta Chefs Association.

Prize Money

$5,000 for each category winner
$2,500 for each category runner-up
$1,500 for each remaining chef, per category

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