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Four Cheese Potato Gnocchi

Recipe Category: Il Classico
Chef Name: Jose Gutierrez


Potato Gnocchi

4-1/2 pounds potatoes
5 cups “00” flour
17 egg yolks (about 5 ounces)
3 tablespoons salt

Four Cheese Sauce

2 quarts Real California heavy cream
2 balls Real California Burrata cheese
2 cups Real California Ricotta cheese
1 cup grated Real California Vella Romanelo cheese
2 cups Real California Mascarpone cheese
Salt and pepper, to taste


Real California butter, as needed
1 fresh black truffle (if serving in fall or winter)


To prepare Potato Gnocchi, preheat oven to 325°F; bake potatoes for 1-1/2 hours until cooked through. Remove skins and pass potato pulp through a ricer into a bowl. Add flour, egg yolks and salt. Chop mixture with a dough scraper until dough is fully worked and forms a pasta ball. Roll and press dough into gnocchi. Blanch in boiling, salted water then drain and reserve for serving.

To prepare Four Cheese Sauce, heat cream in large, heavy saucepan. Whisk in burrata, ricotta, Vella Romanelo and mascarpone cheeses. Cook whisking constantly until cheese is melted and sauce forms. Season to taste with salt and pepper

To serve, sauté gnocchi in butter until golden brown. Mix portion of gnocchi with sauce and plate. Garnish with shavings of fresh truffles, if desired.

PER ORDER: Makes 4 servings.

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